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Businessmen and investors worldwide know the Philippines is now an ideal spot for investment opportunities in the Southeast Asian region. This archipelago blessed with immense natural resources is divided into three distinct areas: Luzon, the largest region and home to the Philippine commerce and government capital of Manila; the Visayas, whose strategic location in the center of the Philippines makes it an ideal home base for investors and businesses seeking to do business throughout this land of 85 million Filipinos; and Mindanao, the Philippines’ most pristine natural resource. The Philippines’ intelligent workforce, foreign investor-friendly legislation, and perfect location within the heart of Asia make this hospitable land a perfect landing spot from which to do business that fans throughout Asia.

For brilliant investment options, one need not look further than the Visayas, home to Cebu, Queen City of the South. Hotels in Cebu City are numerous, what with Cebu City now being one of the Philippines’ most developed urban and commerce centers. Consider the following:

Cebu City is full of trustworthy people. Cebu City has consistently registered crime rates among the lowest in the Philippines; of all cities and provinces, Cebu City has the best peace and order record. Cebu City natives are independent, entrepreneurial, and self-reliant; they are a highly educated workforce geared towards non-agricultural lines.

Export opportunities abound in Cebu City. Cebu City leads many export industries, including those of carrageenan, fashion accessories, furniture, gifts, housewares, and toys.

Cebu is the Philippines’ fastest-growing economy. With an average growth rate significantly higher than that of the entire nation, Cebu (and its capital, Cebu City) leads 78 other provinces in equity, gross assets, and total income.

Cebu City registers perfect location within the Philippine archipelago. Cebu City is located in the center of the Philippine islands, making it the country’s most important and utilized seaport. More than 80% of inter-island shipping capacity is now based in Cebu; Cebu City’s domestic air and sea linkages number even more than the Philippine capital of Manila.

Cebu City is industrialized and modern. Cebu City is speedily becoming the call center and information technology capital of the Philippines.

Cebu City is safe. Cebu City’s location on the island of Negros makes it naturally barricaded and safe, with its excellent location outside of any earthquake zones or typhoon belts. There are no volcanoes on the island, and Cebu City’s seaport is surrounded by mountain regions, making it a safer location for seafarers.

Cebu City is a tourist paradise. Cebu City is one of the Philippines’ biggest tourist draws. Together with the rest of Cebu, Cebu City is wildly recognized as the Central and Southern Philippines’ primary tourist gateway.

Cebu City accommodations are easy to find. Hotels in Cebu City are known to provide - at terrific rates - comfortable, cozy Cebu accommodations with terrific location. Business hotels in Cebu City offers exclusive access to Cebu City’s busiest commercial centers, as well as proximity to the finest beaches and top commercial, entertainment and shopping establishments.

Many Cebu hotels are easy to find, but the difference in securing a good profit in Cebu City is to finding the best rates, and for Cebu hotels, the trick often comes with securing the best rates online. If and when you do decide to start business linkages in Cebu City do your research first and find a list of hotels in Cebu City where you would like to stay. Once you have decided where to stay, search on portals and travel agency websites were you can find the best rates online.

Cebu City’s growing economic activities; increasing and improving exports; investments from within and outside the country; and the infrastructure projects led by the government all make investment in Cebu City a viable and strategic move for international businessmen and investors. Be sure to reserve Cebu hotel rooms in advance, because these rooms of hotels in Cebu City go fast, even during the offseason. Search online and try to find the best deals for your Cebu hotel guest rooms – often found at the official hotel website – as soon as you can. Book a room online and start earning the profit you so richly deserve.